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CSAA Insurance Group , a AAA Insurer, offers automobile, homeowners and other personal lines of insurance to AAA members through partnerships with AAA clubs in 23 states and the District of Columbia. Founded in 1914, CSAA Insurance Group is rated A+ by A.M. Best and is one of the top 20 personal lines property casualty insurance groups in the United States according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The company was also named one of the 50 most community-minded companies in America by Points of Light in 2014. We are proud to support the Northern California International Dragon Boat Festival for the 16th consecutive year.

Lincoln Dragon Boat Team is a family on and off the water, consisting of dedicated paddlers who are learning respect, responsibility, and sportsmanship. We do not paddle and work hard to win, but we do it to spread the love of the sport, community, fitness, and friendship. Established in 1996, our team consists of 100 members (four crews) making us, not only the largest organization in the school, but also one of the largest dragon boat teams in the entire Bay Area, and possibly California. We believe in creating a community that will allow everyone to grow to their fullest potential and to develop integrity that goes beyond paddling.

Alameda DragonFlyers, from the island city of Alameda, lives by the motto Fun, Fitness and Friendship. Our membership includes paddlers from 18 to 80 and many family members join and paddle together. ADF practices on the Alameda-Oakland estuary and welcomes new paddlers year-round. www.meetup/alamedadragonflyers

In 2001, two years after the formation of Tempe Town Lake, a dynamic group of people who had interests in water sports, but no experience to guide them, started training for a dragon boat race in Taiwan. Acting on what many thought was a crazy idea, practice began on milk crates on the side of the lake and swimming pools. In the fall of 2002, the Arizona Gila Dragons was officially formed as Arizona’s first dragon boat club. Love of the sport, the competition, and social connections have kept our enthusiasm running high ever sense. The mighty Gilas wish the best of luck to all teams at the 2017 NCIDBF!

The mission of the Asian American Cancer Support Network is to become a community resource network for Asian Americans affected by cancer in the Bay Area, through social programs, and fundraising. There are other larger, wonderful organizations addressing cancer, but AACSN hopes to reach out to people, especially in the underserved communities, on a more personal level. To find out more about the free services and programs that we provide please visit us at

Our history at Bank of America covers more than two centuries and includes people who helped to shape life as we know it in this country. We give you the opportunity to deliver one company to your family and friends by connecting them to a specialist who can answer questions, resolve issues and assist with your financial needs. We are centered on how can we serve each other, our clients, and our communities. The diversity of our employees —in thought, style, sexual orientation, gender identity, race, ethnicity, culture and experience—makes us stronger, and is essential to our ability to serve our clients and drive responsible growth.

The student athletes of Cal Dragon Boat are incredibly close: we eat, live, study, and work out together, creating a bond that cannot be found anywhere else on campus! Our passionate paddlers consistently strive to further the growth of the sport in California while carrying out our mohawk, hair-dying, shirtless final race traditions along the way. Don't be surprised to see us running and yelling when you stop by our tent. Go Bears!

California Academy of Sciences Leafy Seadragons The California Academy of Sciences is a multifaceted scientific institution committed to leading-edge research, to educational outreach, and to finding new and innovative ways to engage and inspire the public. The Academy’s mission—to explore, explain and sustain life—extends to all corners of this San Francisco institution and beyond; now including the waters of Lake Merritt! In our fourth year, the California Academy of Sciences' Leafy Sea Dragons are here to join all the terrific teams in this wonderful festival's 22nd year.

Capgemini is known in the marketplace as the global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services. What few know, is that we’ve run, biked and walked over 250,000 kms in 3 months for charity and raced 500 meters on a dragon boat to support a noble cause. The Dragon Boat sport echoes Capgemini’s core values of team spirit and fun, where together we move forward and together we rejoice. We are the Capgemini Dragons paddling long and strong with team spirit, boldness and fun. For us, sportsmanship is as important as techmanship, and winning, as important as participating. We are Capgemini, for us People Matter, Results Count!

The Asian Employee Network (AEN) is an inclusive network of Asian and non-Asian employees working towards enhancing cultural awareness, inclusion, and increasing the pipeline of Asian leadership. Asians in Chevron are a diverse group representing many cultures, nationalities, and ethnic groups. We also share many common goals and challenges. AEN was established back in 2000 to share Asia's rich cultural diversity with our Chevron community, develop Asian talent to succeed at Chevron and to address issues that are important to us.

Community Youth Center of San Francisco (CYCSF) Dragon Boat was established in 2001 to serve San Francisco’s youth. CYC Dragon Boat is a diverse, multicultural youth team dedicated to embracing the community through character building, leadership development, and community engagement. Led by coaches who are former participants, CYC dragon boat supports youth by using the sport to teach physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. CYC Dragon Boat participants grow to become positive and active members of their community.

ARMS OF FURY, CYC’s (Community Youth Center of San Francisco) adult team is back and armed with more fury than ever. Dedicated during the weekdays to empowering and strengthening high-need Asian youth and their families by providing comprehensive youth development through education, employment training, advocacy, and other support services, is this team of arthritic weekend wannabe warriors once again ready to cross the finish line as a contender? You’ll know it when you FEEL OUR FURY!

Every September, the legendary Deloitte Dragons are roused from their slumber to compete in the Northern California International Dragon Boat Festival. Comprised of the fiercest Audit, Tax, Consulting, and Financial Advisory professionals within the Bay Area, the Deloitte Dragons are hand-picked to compete in this once-a-year showdown. Following a rigorous, year-long training period that involves countless hours of computer work, PowerPoint presentations, and financial document reviews - each Deloitte Dragon is trained for two things: 1) Delivering client service excellence and 2) WINNING!!! Deloitte Dragons...Paddles Up!

Dragon ATTack – Dragon ATTack is a team of AT&T employees who want to try out the sport of dragon boat paddling. Through sponsorship from AT&T Mobility and InspirASIAN, an AT&T Employee Resource Group, we are returning to the Northern California International Dragon boat festival for another year. Hoping to continue our trend to do better each year. Remember, Don’t Text and Drive (Paddle). It Can Wait !!!

DragonMax practices year round in Berkeley, California. We have raced in two World Championships, winning a bronze medal in Ravenna, Italy in 2014 and bronze and silver medals in Adelaide, Australia in 2016. This year we are training to compete at the PDBA Regional Championships in San Diego, hoping to qualify for the 2018 World Championships in Szeged, Hungary. Our club welcomes paddlers of all ages and ability levels. Our members range in age from 2 to 82.

DragonZone United is a team based in Vancouver, Canada consisting of paddlers from 12 different clubs across Creek Side. The team has been paddling together for almost 1 month with the Northern California Dragon Boat Festival being the team's first ever regatta. The team's goal is to give its paddlers the opportunity to compete and represent their local teams at international regattas as well as spreading the spirit of Canada's West Coast.

Based out of the California Bay Area, The East Harbor Paddling Club seeks to compete in regional, national, and international competitions. Although our primary focus is Dragon Boat, we also train and compete in Outrigger Canoe and other disciplines.

We are the Facebook Dragons! Our team is made up of a mix of people from different organizations across Facebook. This is our second year racing and we're looking forward to focusing on impact and moving fast on the water!

The Galileo Celestial Dragons (GCD) is a youth dragon boat team founded in 2002 in San Francisco, CA. Over the years, we have had the privilege to race among the best teams in the world, traveling to Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Long Beach. We are very grateful to have such an abundant amount of support from fellow GCD alumni, parents, coaches, family, teachers, sponsors, and more. Keep in touch by following us on Twitter, @GcdOfficial and Instagram, @galileodragonboat to watch our journey. Who’s fast? We’re fast! Who’s strong? We’re strong! Who are we? GCD!

Hong Kong Team will be participated mix standard boat in visiting team cup at Northern California International Dragon Boat Festival. All of our players were selected from various university in Hong Kong and we selected 10 males and 10 females to delegate in this year. Grateful that we can participant in the Festival and compete with other team, it is an good experience of them.

HSBC was founded in Hong Kong on 3 March 1865. Established to finance trade, HSBC has grown to become one of the world's largest banking and financial services organizations. HSBC is proud to support the Northern California International Dragon Boat Festival. We look forward to meeting all the participants this year!

The Infinity Dragons formed in early 2014 with the goal to expand post-collegiate Dragon Boat into Central California, bringing together paddlers from diverse backgrounds and experience levels from American Canyon to Sacramento. We are proud to be the only adult team of Northern California outside of the Bay Area. We strive to instill the drive and competitiveness that is at the heart of Dragon Boat within the hearts of our paddlers, friends, and communities. One breath, one team, INFINITY

JAWS Dragon Boat Team is a recreational and competitive high school dragon boating team located in Long Beach, California. JAWS consists of a group of highly motivated paddlers who want the best for the team. Thank you to JAWS captains - Stephanie Eisenberg, Aaron Hai, Shiv Patel, Jhon Redondo - and Coach Gary for stressing time and commitment into improving the team. One team, one boat, one stroke, one family. #KILL

KP Dragons came alive in 2001 as the result of collaboration between Chris Yee, a former paddler with the Tasmanian Angels, and the late Susan Chan-Lin former president of Kaiser Permanente Asian Association. Today KP Dragons continues to thrive with spirited like minded health care and community members who represent our diverse Bay Area community. Our KP Dragon Boat teams represent many cultures, ages, ethnicities, and professions. We all believe in being fit and having fun and have not wavered from the founders’ goals of collaborative teamwork and dedication to health. KPD also supports growing youth teams.

You might be ready for the lemons life throws at you, but are you ready for us, the eLEMONators? We are a fierce team consisting of paddlers from different high schools in the East Bay. Even with our diversity, we were able to quickly bond and develop not only irrefutable pride but also definitive strength. Although this ragtag team started off in 2014 with only six paddlers, through a lot of milk and broccoli, we have grown to become the energetic family you see today! We won our first race at Lake Merced in 2015, and we are definitely ready for the challenge in 2017. The question is, are you ready for us?

KPMG, LLP is the audit, tax, and advisory firm that understands the distinctive business needs of market leaders. We offer a powerful combination of people, services, technologies, and results-oriented strategies to help our clients meet their challenges and improve performance. In our 16th year of sponsoring the festival and races, KPMG Team Velocity demonstrates our commitment to diversity, team work, and the community. A big thanks to: KPMG’s Asian Pacific Islander Network (APIN); Joe Yuen and Helen Xu, APIN Partner Champions; and Team Captains Justin Quan, Sahra Bautista-Leung, and Joseph Cancino.

We are the team to beat! Having come within a heartbeat of second place at last year’s races, the KTSF Wolfpack are determined to “devour” the competition and walk away with first place in this year’s Novice division! The Team, made up of KTSF employees and their die-hard friends, reflect the diverse population that KTSF serves. Established in 1976, KTSF is an independent, full-power television station providing news and entertainment to over 2.75 million television households in the Bay Area. KTSF is the largest Asian-language TV station in the US and produces live nightly newscasts in both Cantonese and Mandarin.

LightWave [1995] is one of the original DB teams in Northern California. With an awesome and diverse membership of predominantly professionals from all over the world, we are proud to represent the SF Bay Area all over the West Coast where we love to battle, eat, and paddle. With true passion for the sport, we happily look forward to challenging great races, savoring good food, partaking in fun times, and improving ourselves overall. Together, we enjoy contending and devouring life with friends new and old!

The future is all about what you do next. What’s your moonshot? We’ll help you get there. You’re closer than you think. LinkedIn is devoted to connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. Twenty of our most fun-loving have gathered for the third year to participate in the Northern California Dragon Boat Festival. We are excited to have a blast, enjoy the water and sun, meet new friends, and bring home a medal!

Lowell High School Dragon Boat team is entering our 20th year and are happy to have been with the NCIDBC from Foster City, to Lake Merced, to Treasure Island and now Lake Merritt. Aside from our regular spring race back in April, we've also had a busy summer paddling in Macau, Taipei, and Long Beach. We are looking forward to a fun, competitive race and even more to the rest of the year! Go Lowell!

The Lucky Dragons was first established in 2001 is a multicultural team comprised of employees and family members Lucky stores demonstrates our commitment to the community in which we serve. We lead by example by participating in the California Dragon Boat Festival. This event consistently proves to be a fun bonding experience that leaves an impeccable imprint on our communities. We are truly honored to participate and support such an iconic festival.

Marin Chinese Cultural Association is very proud & excited to debut its MARIN DRAGONS at this 2017 event. This brand-new novice team has mainly "newcomers" to dragon boating & just a few who have some dragon boat experience. The range in age & background of the crew reflects the membership of this local North Bay non-profit community group. Marin Dragons is our newest project that supports our desire "to promote the understanding, appreciation and preservation of all aspects of Chinese culture, including the language, history, customs, music, art, and cuisine of the Chinese and Chinese-American people."

As we have been doing for the past five years, the McKesson Dragons will awaken from their lair once again to the beating of 40 hands, 20 paddles, one drum. Led by Pan-Asian Voices for Excellence (PAVE) Employee Resource Group, we represent the diversity and enthusiasm of our employee base from all walks of life. Paddling in unison and harmony, powered by our values of corporate citizenship and ICARE shared principles, we advance our community commitment to Better Health!

The Miraloma Mayhem are a group of moms and dads from Miraloma Elementary school in San Francisco. We are very excited to take part in such an amazing festival. While we're keeping our eye on the prestigious race-day prize for Not Tipping Over, we will have already won just by having fun on the water (and scoring ourselves a few kid-free hours in the process). Festival-bound, y'all...Bring the mayhem!

Dragonboat has been a part of Mission High School for approximately 14 years and is an essential club sport to many students. The “MHS Dragonriders” is separated into 4 boats: 1. MHS Wolfpack (Open boat) 2. MHS Valkerie (Womens boat) 3. MHS Battleship (A boat) 4. MHS Destroyers (B boat) Our mission is to create an inclusive and almost family-like community for our athletes. They come from over 7 different countries ranging from Asia to South America and all practice communicating and sharing their diversity with each other.

The MIT Engineers are a novice team from the Club of Northern California with 13,000+ alumni. With Sloanies leading the helm and support from The Coop, we hacked together our first crew in a week. At practices, we accelerated our growth curves by building rapid synergies while creating and deepening friendships with alumni. Coached by alumni and affiliates, we’re mastering the art and science of paddling with timing, technique, teamwork, and toughness on and off the water. By maximizing our earnings per stroke (EPS), we strive to become a lean, mean paddling machine that represents nature’s fiercest engineers with pride. Go Beavers! Go Tech!

On the clock, the East Bay MUD Dragons are engineers, plumbers, analysts, plant operators, community reps and environmental gurus who work tirelessly to keep 1.4 million people hydrated and keep the San Francisco Bay clean. Off the clock, our continuous drive to improve will shine as we paddle hard and fast toward that finish line. Water is life; Teamwork is in our blood; We are EBMUD!

Founded in 2015, Northwind is a San Francisco team that believes in giving their best and nothing less. We're a group of highly motivated, passionate athletes that strive to inspire more competition within the Bay Area and aim to compete internationally.

O2 BodyFit is a personal training and boot camp located in Daly City. They are not just a group of people that workout together, but a community committed to helping and supporting each other. These dragons consist of boot camp members and their trainers. They have been competing in the the Northern California International Dragon Boat Festival since 2013, but this is their second year they have been lucky enough to have two boats in the festival! Each year these dragons strive to learn, experience and have as much fun as possible! O2 BodyFit's motto is Breathe Strong, and as we paddle TOGETHER, we breathe stronger TOGETHER.

With over 40 years of providing outstanding quality and personal healthcare needs to Bay Area seniors, On Lok and the “On Lok Warriors” are back! The “warrior” fighting spirit is at its all-time high and ready to slay it again. Promoting teamwork, fitness, and life balance, our motto and dedication has been contagious! Galvanized by the overwhelming outpouring of support from On Lok peers, family and friends – we look forward to spreading our “spirit” with you all in our quest for another victory!

Oyster Point Dragons (OPD) continues to promote the sport of dragon boating in a fun and safe environment while fostering team spirit and friendship. OPD makes a difference by providing paddlers with multiple supportive relationships with peers in a family-friendly environment; by offering challenging physical activities and health initiatives; by seeking and participating in local and international events; and by generously giving back to the local community. The OPD family includes OPD Efishent, OPD Blowfish, OPD Mussel Masters, and Tiger Sharks, its Junior High Student team.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company is proud to participate in the 2017 International Dragon Boat Festival. PG&E has served and engaged with California’s diverse communities for more than 100 years. Diversity and inclusion are an important part of PG&E’s values and how the utility works to provide safe, reliable, affordable and green energy to 15 million customers throughout northern and central California. Team PG&E, the “Power Dragons”, is led by PG&E’s Asian Employee Resource Group, representing our diversity as well as our competitive spirit, dedication and commitment to the communities where we live and work.

The Renegades crawled out of the brine and into existence April 1st 2009, on April Fool's Day. Since then, we've groomed our gaggle of malcontents, miscreants and misfits into a first class drinking team with a persistent paddling habit. Our premiere crew, Recidivist Dragons, is highly sought after and wanted in jurisdictions throughout the Bay Area and continues to be our most notorious yet least findable crew.

Research Now is the world’s leading digital data collection company, uniquely positioned to be your single-source solution for any and all research projects. Our team takes great pride in defining and shaping the future of the research industry, all so we can better serve our clients. Through our global Research Now Gives Back initiative, we are committed to helping our local communities through volunteerism and donations. The Research Now Paddlewons are a mix of employees and friends, with whom the force is strong. Clear Eyes. .Clean Strokes. Can’t Choke!

We’re a San Francisco Bay Area paddling, fitness and activities club made up of young and young-at-hearts who live to have fun, exercise, eat well, and paddle hard. We're passionate about giving back to the community, upleveling our fitness, and ultimately having a great time. Having started in 2001 and recently coming off of a great experience at the 2016 CCWC in Australia, we are back for more and we look forward to spreading the "Ripple Ohana" to the rest of the dragon boat community! Check us out online at, on Facebook at, or Instagram at @RippleEffectDB. Let's get ripped!

Good day eh, We are a mixed competitive group of paddlers from Winnipeg, Manitoba and Regina, Saskatchewan coming down together to enjoy teh new location and competition. You can find us on facebook at River City Dragons or

We are the San Francisco Bay Area Dragons, and this will be our team's 22st year. We have been going to this race since the beginning and are happy to attend this race every year. Our club is made up of members from all over the San Francisco Bay Area, with diverse backgrounds, various careers, and paddlers of all ages. Our members range in age and experience from teenagers to our novice members to our senior members. Though different, what we share is our love of great food, traveling, and most importantly, our love for the sport of dragon boat racing! Look for the many giant flags and come by and say hello. GO BAD!

San Francisco Dragon Healers was founded in 2005. The team comprises of employees of Kaiser Permanente from the San Francisco, Redwood City, San Rafael and South SF facilities, their families and friends. We are proud of the diversity of the team members and their ability to come together for the common goal of crossing the finish line! We love the rush of Lake Merced water on our faces, the fog, good food and of course good competition! Our paddlers proudly give back to the Dragon Boat community by coaching a youth team and being involved with the California Dragon Boat Association.

Based in San Francisco, our mission is to offer excellence to our members and our community. With an excellent program on and off the water, we seek to foster champions of mind and body within each of our athletes. By having fun and competing together, our members will develop meaningful, lifelong relationships. Together, we will establish best practices to professionalize our sport and to drive it forward. See you on the water! GO DW!

We're the group representing San Francisco Mayor Lee and the City of San Francisco. While novice in paddling experiences, we're veterans at giving it a our all!

Who are we? We are a dragon boat team comprised of college students within the San Francisco area. Our goal is to provide opportunities for members to learn and participate in the sport of dragon boat. Although the team is comprised of mainly SFSU students, we welcome anyone currently pursuing a college education to join.

The SFFD Fire Dragons returns for yet another chance at claiming 1st place. This is our 21st year of competing in the NOVICE division. Our team is sponsored by the Asian Firefighters Association and our strong union, Firefighters Local 798. We hope to bring home the Gold medal for our faithful coaches, Brandon Young and Joe Ouyang. Paddles Up and Take it Away.

We're a fun-loving but hard working team from Southern CA based out of Long Beach. You'll always find us having fun on the water (rain or shine), pushing ourselves through tough workouts, engaged in intense competition, and eating great food. Equal parts jokers and paddling fanatics, our enthusiasm for the sport is contagious. Established in 2002, we span all ages and facets of life, and are always eager to welcome new comers and visitors with smiles and open arms. Check us out at and join us for a paddle whenever you're in town!

From our humble begining in 2005, Stockton Delta Dragons has become a truly diverse team sponsored by Chinese Cultural Society of Stockton (CCSS). Originally all team members were from Stockton, but word has spread about our combination of fun, water sport, and networking. Now crew members hail from an expanded area in support of CCSS activities. We paddle hard while having lots of fun and excitement. Who are we? Stockton Delta Dragons!

Summon the Dragons is a two year old team from Alameda, CA. Our paddlers come from all over the South and East Bay to catch our infectious spirit. STD is a young and young at heart team with a focus on racing in other states and around the world. Ask one of our members why we have the cleanest boats in the East Bay and the best parties in the Dragon Boat community!

Sutter Health is honored to be a premier sponsor of the 2017 Northern California International Dragon Boat Festival. The Sutter Health network is made up of over 51,000 doctors, employees and volunteers. Together, we share a partnership promise to create a more personalized, high-value health care experience for you and your family. We are partnering with you, communities and each other to make a positive difference in more than 100 Northern California cities and towns. We're glad to be a festival sponsor and support the California Dragon Boat Association. Go Sutter Health Dragons! To learn more, visit

TAP enhances the Taiwanese American community by networking individuals interested in professional and career development, while emphasizing the preservation of Taiwanese American identity. TAP provides resources and programs that inspire and empower; develop and support professionals to become community-oriented leaders. TAP focuses on Leadership, Identity, Networking, and Citizenship (LINC) The TAP network spans across major cities in the U.S., including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C. and more. TAP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit org through its parent organization, Taiwanese American Citizens League (

The TenCate Flying Dragons are excited to return for their second year of competition. We are made up of 1st year (newbies) and 2nd year (veterans) paddlers who are employees of TenCate Advanced Composites representing facilities in Morgan Hill and in Fairfield. TenCate are suppliers of carbon fiber advanced composite materials to the aerospace industry, serving various markets ranging from satellites and launch vehicles to general aviation and military aircraft. We are looking forward to making new friends on and off the water and our goal is to "Paddle as One"! What's in your paddle???

Our dragon boat team includes members of the largest volunteer non-profit in the world, with 1.35 million Leos and Lions internationally. Our motto of "We Serve" describes our core belief of helping those less fortunate. Leos and Lions help where help is needed, both in our own communities and in the global community. If you enjoy helping others then you are a perfect fit - we are the San Francisco Bay Area New Century Lions Club. Come join us at

The Uber Dragon Boat team was founded in 2017 to support a new mode of transportation - the Uber dragon boat! We look forward to seeing everyone at Lake Merritt.

UCI Elements, a collegiate team from the University of California, Irvine, is going into its fifteenth year. We have participated in various races from Arizona to San Diego to the Bay Area to Vancouver. As the Elements, we are represented by the elements wind, thunder, and fire. The strength of the team lies in dedicated paddlers that support each other as a family and always make sure to have fun.

UCLA Dragon Boat is a student-run competitive club sports team. Our team and its member embody the spirit of competition and excellence. We are 50 paddlers strong, making up two race crews: Blue and Gold. For the past 13 years, the team has demonstrated a strong sense of enthusiasm and spirit for the sport, while maintaining an underdog mentality. Through hard work and dedication, our team not only helps its members develop as paddlers, but also as students, athletes, and leaders. Above all else, UCLA Dragon Boat strives to be competitive, passionate, and fun.

The US Tennis Association Northern California (USTA NorCal) is very excited to compete in our first dragon boat race this year! Our team is a mix of USTA staff, tennis league players, and tennis volunteers. USTA NorCal is a non-profit association led by a volunteer board and employs a staff of 36 at the section headquarters in Alameda. We serve 47K+ members and outreach to many different audiences to grow the game at all levels and abilities. See photos and videos of our events at and learn about how you can find yourself in the game by visiting

The USTC Sailor is formed by USTC Alumni Association Silicon Valley who serves more than 6000 members in the Bay Area for more than 15 years. As a first timer, the team is excited to take the challenge and enjoy the fun through paddling!

GWHS DB is on our 22nd year as one of the founding youth teams from the SF. We are composed of devoted and compassionate youth who enjoy paddling and competing year-round all over the west coast. The Scarlet Beasts and Grey Gliders are well-nourished physically and psychologically by sustenance from great parents especially the Ly, Ng, Stangl, and Wong families and supported by Dan Yee. We are grateful to our wonderful coaches, Spencer Cheng, Raymond Ly, Alan Layug and Bryan Wong, along with our superb leaders – Zoey Hou and Daniel Ly. We are Eagles!

We Be Dragon is Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Employee Services Association’s critical mass of novice paddlers. The team fuses fun, water, and networking into an explosive burst of paddling fury. BUT WAIT there’s more! If you check us out right now, we've throw in a second boat for double the fun! Facing tremendous growth heading into our 19th year, we have two boats to conquer the water and blow the competition away. Thanks again to our continued sponsors UNCLE Credit Union who has supported the Livermore Lab and the community since 1957 and Livermore Toyota – “Let’s Go Places” … together we can go for gold!

Wells Fargo is proud to support the Northern California International Dragon Boat Festival, which brings our community together in a celebration of Asian culture. Headquartered in San Francisco since 1852, Wells Fargo values the long-term relationships we have built with the diverse Asian communities since our earliest days. Last year, we donated $19 million to Bay Area schools and nonprofits—many of whom serve the Asian community. To learn more about how Wells Fargo can help you achieve your financial goals, including sending money to your loved ones in Asia with our ExpressSend® service, visit us at any store or online at

The Berkeley Haas Evening Weekend MBA crew is back! The team spans 3 current program years (Class of 2018 - 2020) with working professionals who juggle full time work, part time school, families, friends and now dragon boat racing! As stated in our school’s defining principles, we: - are QUESTIONING THE STATUS QUO with how many responsibilities and activities we can juggle - have CONFIDENCE WITHOUT ATTITUDE no matter what the outcome of the race - are STUDENTS ALWAYS as we learn this new sport of dragon boating - go BEYOND OURSELVES by contributing to the CDBA Youth Program Paddles Up DragonboatHaas! [Better with a Schwarzenegger accent ;)]