California Line Dance Association

With a motto – “Dance for Health, Dance for Happiness and Dance for a colorful life”, the Chinese Line Dancing Association of America (CLDAA) was established in 2004 and its members have been dancing to promote a healthy lifestyle for many years.  All over the Bay Area, line dancing classes have bee established for its members to have fun and exercise.  

China’s Spirit Music Ensemble

China’s Spirit Music Ensemble, a gu-zheng ensemble (Chinese zither), was formed in 2003 by gu-zheng soloist, Winnie Wong.  CSME’s mission is to share with its students and with the general public China’s extensive culture and tradition through gu-zheng as well as provide a music outlet for all generations.  The members train extensively year round on finger techniques, artistic expression and understanding the story behind each piece of music.

Chinese Folk Dance Association

The CFDA, a non-profit dance company, was established by Asian Americans in 1959 for the promotion of Chinese culture to other Californians through performances and classes in Chinese traditional and classical dancing. The CFDA has performed, in its 50 plus year history, in large scale productions, in smaller community shows, and by invitation to many other cultural events in the San Francisco Bay Area, normally averaging 40 performances annually. Over the past 17 years, they have performed in the prestigious San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival thirteen times. This is CFDA’s 55th year of serving the community in presenting Chinese folk dancing for educational promotion.

Chung Ngai Dance Troupe

Established in 1966, Chung Ngai Dance Troupe is a non-profit, non-political organization. Our mission is to promote and preserve Chinese culture in the United States through performing arts. In addition, Chung Ngai offers opportunities for members and volunteers alike to participate in events such as the Chinese New Year parade. In the process, participants learn about Chinese culture and gain experience in performing arts. Chung Ngai is an organization run solely by our members. Since the 1970's, Chung Ngai has been a staple unit of the Southwest Airlines’ Lunar New Year Parade. We are widely known for our outrageous drum ensembles, which include a drum set with as many as eight drummers drumming at once.

Cynthia Lin and the Blue Moon All Stars

Cynthia Lin and the Blue Moon All Stars is a 9-piece Bay Area band featuring a menagerie of acoustic instruments including ukulele, Cajun, banjo, horns, and the occasional glockenspiel and kazoo. From indie folk to bossa nova to Bruno Mars, they bring sass, class, and a high-energy retro vibe to the stage.

Check out their video for "Zombie Heart" at

Deuces & Diamonds

San Jose born cousin duo, Deuces & Diamonds, has come a long way with hard work and dedication, to bring their pop urban edge to the stage. Josh and Brianna has performed throughout the Bay from Castro Valley to Sunnyvale to show their own spice and flair for their Dazzlers. With a little bit of sass and pop, they sing and perform songs, making the tunes their own. This afternoon, the group is making its debut on the Dragon Boat Festival.  Let's welcome Deuces & Diamonds.

Emeryville Taiko

Emeryville Taiko, led by Susan Horn, was founded in 1998.  Formerly an East Bay class location for the San Francisco Taiko Dojo headed by Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka, Emeryville Taiko has evolved to become an independent local resource for taiko aficionados who love energetic and enthusiastic drumming that pushes traditional taiko to new heights of creativity.  Susan-san, once a member of the SF Taiko Dojo, has also studied in Japan and welcomes people of all backgrounds and ages to join us. 

Katherine Park

KATHERINE PARK is a "Quadruple Threat" as an award winning film actor, stage actor, singer-songwriter-recording artist, and producer from Alameda, CA. Park made her theatre debut in Eddie Wong's play Broken Blossoms, produced this year by the Chinese Historical Society of America, and her musical theatre debut in the 20th Anniversary production of the smash hit Off-Broadway show "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" at Bindlestiff Studio in San Francisco.

Park holds a Bachelor of Music degree from The Hartt School and dedicates her life to the arts. She founded Katherine Park Center of the Arts in Alameda to help pass down the art of performing to future generations.  KATHERINE PARK is so excited to be here, and will be singing a selection of some of the most beautiful songs performed on Broadway for you today.  

Magic of Chin Chin

The Magic of Chin-Chin is an international champion magician from the Bay Area.  One of the Bay's best all around entertainer, he has been voted Best Magician by the SF Bay Guardian Best of the Bay twice. San Francisco's only 3-time stage magician of the year, Chin-Chin will lead you through his show with imagination

Maikaze Daiko

Maikaze Daiko is a San Francisco-based performance ensemble and taiko school.   The name, which means "Dancing Wind", reflects the group’s  focus on innovative arrangements, precision taiko playing and creative use of movement and space.   Maikaze Daiko performs works that expresses a fresh perspective on the rich world of taiko drumming today.   Established in 2007 by Bruce "Mui" Ghent, Maikaze Daiko offers a range of classes open to the public at the Dance Mission Theater.

National Chinese Wushu Association

The world tour by China's National Wushu Team in 1974 left a great effect on the martial arts community in the United States.  After that team's tour, many Chinese Americans were inspired to learn wushu.  As a result of that interest, the San Francisco Wushu Team, now known as the National Chinese Wushu Association, was founded by Sifu Anthony Chan, Sifu Bryant Fong, and others to perform and promote the art of wushu.  The team has competed in international competitions.  They also have been part of the U.S. Wushu Team participating in the World Wushu Championships in Beijing.

Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir

The OIGC, directed by Terrence Kelly, performs year-round at local events such as Oakland’s Art and Soul Festival and the Monterey Jazz Festival. Over the years, they have contributed tracks to albums benefiting community organizations, as well as worked with such artists as Linda Ronstadt, M.C. Hammer, Stan Getz, and Take 6. In addition to sponsoring a biannual music workshop and annual free evening concert in the spring, the choir will be performing its 28th annual Holiday concert on December 7 at Oakland’s Paramount Theater. OIGC will also be holding its South Bay Holiday Concert on December 20 at the Mountain View Performing Arts Center.

Ong Dance Company

The Ong Dance Company was founded in 2004 by master artist Kyoungil Ong, a critically acclaimed principal dancer in the National Dance Company of Korea.

The Ong Dance Company & School has been sharing the art through diverse performances, classes and workshops. Recent performances have included "Evocation" at the SF World Percussion Festival and "HERE "at SF International Art Festival, which is a collaboration of Korean traditional dance with contemporary dance.

The Ong Dance School provides valuable learning environment in the San Francisco and Tri-Valley areas where resources for Korean traditional dance and percussion are not available.  In addition, the school provides classes with holistic understanding of the art.

Parangal Dance Company

Parangal Dance Company is a Filipino Folk Dance Group based in the San Francisco Bay Area.   Parangal (puh-ruh-ngal), which means tribute, has a mission to give tribute to the Philippine heritage by preserving and promoting ethnic attire, music, and dance through research, workshops, and performances.  The company aims to serve as a bridge, inspiring and connecting Filipino Americans to their roots by giving them a sense of pride and identity, while educating diverse communities to foster awareness and appreciation of Philippine culture.

RAHITI Polynesian Dance Company

(formerly, A Touch of Polynesia) "RAHITI is a Polynesian Dance Company established in 1986 by co-founder Mili Pasion Aranda. Now under the new direction of her daughters Remie Aranda and Jaemie Aranda Cadiente, we bring the beautiful dances of Polynesia to the San Francisco / Bay Area Community!
We share our love of Tahitian dance through the fast-paced drum beats of Tahiti and its beautiful songs. We also share our Aloha of Hula from Hawai'i, the beautiful strength of Samoan dance, and the skillful precision of Maori from Aotearoa (New Zealand).
Our goal is to continue to respect our received traditions through teaching, educating and instilling the beauty of the Polynesian culture. For any inquiries, please contact us at

Red Panda Acrobats

The Red Panda Acrobats formed in 1990 in Shanghai, and its members are professionally trained in China. The troupe started performing in the United States in 1991. The group performs all year long in a variety of venues including corporate and company events, fairs, festivals, sporting events, school assemblies, and TV shows. The Red Panda Acrobats have traveled throughout the nation and overseas performing for well-known companies that include Disney World, EPCOT Center, Las Vegas Casinos, and Apple Computer. They have appeared in the Crook and Chase Show, Incredible Acrobats, London Television, China’s Best Acrobats, Shanghai Television, Mornings Live on 2, Channel 2 KTVU, and many more. The group is based in the San Francisco area and is led by Wayne Huey who had studied at the Fu Shing Acrobatics Academy in Taipei and trained with the prestigious Shanghai Circus School.

Sing Tao Entertainers

The Cal VSA Lion Dance Team

The Cal VSA Lion Dance Team was reborn in 2008, with the blue and purple lion pair named Mon & Soon. Since then, the team has been performing not only at its annual Cultural Show, but all around the Bay Area.  The team has also doubled its membership count, and tripled the lion count!   The members are motivated by the opportunities to spread the art and Southeast Asian culture in an area where lion dancing is not always so popular. They are also motivated in maintaining the values embedded in the art: respect, discipline, and camaraderie.

West Portal Chinese Performing Arts Program and Sounds of China

This program at West Portal Elementary School in San Francisco has a long tradition of participation in the city’s Chinese cultural activities. The nation’s first Chinese immersion program was inaugurated there in 1984. Since that time, participation in the Chinese New Year Parade has become a favorite activity, involving current students, alumni, family, and faculty. The Stilt Walkers and Fan and Ribbon Dancers are led by alumnae who choreograph and teach the younger performers. The Stilt Walkers walk on 18”-38” stilts and wear costumes representing characters in the ancient Chinese folk tale The Journey to the West. There are 6 lead characters: Priest Tang, the Goddess Guan Yin, the Monkey King, Sandy, Pigsy, and an evil princess (there’s one in every story). With them are a cast of nobles, scholars, guards, beggars and monkeys. This program really instills a sense of community and continuity in the children. There are no tryouts, and every student is welcome to participate.

Yau Kung Moon Kung Fu Sports Association

Yau Kung Moon, also known in the United States as YKM, is an unfamiliar style that stresses not only physical, but also mental well being. Based on the movements of ten animals, it incorporates not only their varied strengths but also their gracefulness and speed; unifying these characteristics comprises the physical aspects of this system. Although it originated in the Tang Dynasty (800 AD) by Ding Yang, a monk of the Shaolin Temple, it wasn’t until the 1960’s that YKM finally came to America. Two of Grandmaster Ha Kwok Cheung’s top disciples, Wong Cheung and Wan Tak Kei, immigrated to the United States from Hong Kong and are Master Wong in San Francisco and Master Wan in Los Angeles. For the past twenty-six years, the two Grandmasters, with the help of their disciples, grew the Yau Kung Moon Association to over a thousand members strong.


Joseph Harris, aka “YoYoJoe”, is a 4-time United States National Champion (2008, 2011, 2013, 2014) and former Mega Team World Champion (1999). He has been competing, performing, teaching, and judging for 17+ years and counting!  Some highlights include his signature yoyo “Unleashed”, television appearances on FOX Kids in the late 90’s and America’s Got Talent Season 4.