Dragon Land for Kids & Family Activities

Dragon Land is bigger than ever, spreading indoors and out and across large grassy play areas. In fact it’s so big it fills two zones. It’s a magnet for kids of all ages and filled with activities guaranteed to put big smiles on your children's faces – Chinese stilt walkers, arts and crafts, free games and prizes, face painting, obstacle course challenges, hula hoops, jump ropes, Roving Dragons and more! Dragon Land is open from 10 AM to 4:30 PM Saturday & Sunday.

The following is a checklist for kids of all ages:

Zone One: Dragon Land Art and Science Zone
In partnership with the Junior Center of Art and Science

Outside, you can release you inner artist:

  • Make a dancing dragon!
  • Design a custom visor!
  • Create GIANT sunglasses!
  • Make a family photo frame!
  • Learn to bead bracelets!
  • Color a Chinese dragon fan!

Inside are more in depth experiences:

  • What is Dear to Your Heart?

    This project is inspired by the poet Qu Yuan (348 BC-248 BC), whose work is very symbolic and shows his love of, and loyalty to, his country. We will have a variety of posters up about symbolism, about Qu Yuan, and an excerpt from one of his poems. Visitors are encouraged to come up with a simple symbol or icon representing something they care very much about. You will draw on watercolor paper first in pencil, then outline in permanent marker, followed by a few washes of watercolor to add the finishing touch. Visitors are encouraged to give their creations as a gift or to keep it as a reminder of the importance of gratitude.

  • Activity 2: DIY Recycled Cork and Rubber Band Boats (in our Outreach classroom)

    For this project, we ask visitors to use the scientific method of first developing a hypothesis for their boat design, then test it out and, and finally make adjustments until their boat floats on its own and is able to sail smoothly. Visitors will be provided toothpicks and colorful foam sheets to cut and make their sail.

    Note: kids 12 and under must work with a grown-up.

Zone Two: Dragon Land Activity Zone
In partnership with Playworks

CDBA is proud to partner with Playworks, a leader in children’s play. They will be on site at the Dragon Boat Festival providing a range of fun, active games for kids including:

  • Obstacle course
  • Three Lines Soccer
  • 4-Square
  • Rotational Dodgeball
  • A Hulahoop, Jumprope and Dance Section!

You also must be sure to:

  • Play games with prizes! Kid-and-adult-friendly games for all ages. And there are tons of prizes to be won! Try your hand at all-time favorites like Tic-Tac-Toe and Bean Bag Toss. Just don’t be surprised if your kids ask you to settle down.

  • Climb into your very own dragon boat! While your kid’s daydream of racing their own dragon boat alongside the teams they see gliding by on the water, we have an extra special treat for them – their very own dragon boat…on land – complete with paddles and life vests. Here, kids are free to play, explore, and have their picture taken.

  • Get your face painted or a temporary tattoo put on! And of course, you simply cannot miss the Roving Dragons and the amazing Stilt Walkers with the opportunity to take even more amazing photos and hopefully win a balloon or prize.

This year, Dragon Land is bigger and better than ever. Your kids will be talking about it for days. We look forward to seeing you and your family there!

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